Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bantering round barca with a fish eye

Twas deadly...
Lovely to see all the good faces again, feel the sun baking my bones, jump around with Giant Jolie and gay Paddle, drink Leche de Pantera, go far too long without sleep, drink cocktails and my god the meals, Tom's monkfish, yum! PAELLA! Ra for lunch in the sun, so much cheese in Mattia and Maxes no one could finish dinner.... ah the yumness of it all...
Got to a super gig as well- Junior Murvin and U-Roy in Apolo, fun beaming faces knee bopping times. Oh and I love my new camera too much. Six rolls too much. YAy. More to come.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Had a happy breakfast with Killian. Made french toast,sliced up oranges, drank juice and coffee and ate plenty of Especially You, (Dunnes Stores own brank Special K but soooo much better) I do love breakfasts with the boy.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Ordered myself the cutest little lomographic camera from the B&H store in New York, a crazy chocolate factory for photographers, staffed only by sweet Hasidic Jewish men with long long beards and big smiles. I walk round that store in a daze, it's huge, I mean HUUUUUUUGE and when you buy your camera they put it on this little travelator thing that whisks it off above your head and zooms around the store to the cash desk where you collect it. Wandering round that store is such fun, all the zooming cameras above your head and everything you could ever dream of relating to photography. They also have little refreshment tables all round with lemonade and sweets and little pretzels.
So I ordered my camera, oh my it's so cute. It's a little compact film camera with a fish eye lense. I got it for my documentary in Spain in april with Niamh on her walk to Santiago. Aoife in Brazil got me to order her one too. I just logged on to check my order and they give full details of where our cameras are. They started their little journey in New York and then they hit some adverse weather conditions but now they're in Philadelphia. How exciting.
P.S I changed my blog design by mistake and don't know how to change it back, please help.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Been working with a programme called spark run by the axis centre out in Ballymun. It's definitely one of the best things I've ever worked on. Spark places artists in schools teaching them everything from ethnic drumming to mosaic to photography (me) to animation and musical theatre. The kids are deadly, so enthusiastic and full of ideas. The kids all made documentaries and giving them back their photos this week was the best feeling ever. They were so full of excitement looking at their photos and I knew they were getting the same buzz that makes me love photography so much. This is a collage I made of some photos we took in class to give them a few ideas for their own stuff. Their documentaries are incredible...I expected them to be good but they're so amazing. It will all be exhibited in the celebration two weeks I think.

New lenses are fun

Borrowed Lili's sexy wide angle lense to do a quick photo shoot for the kaboogie boys and realised how much fun it is having a new lense to play with. There's a funny shop on Baggot street selling knickknacks or antiques as they call em. Never thought it was particularly pretty til I had a new lense to see it with.

Bought myself these pretty flowers the day my dear hound Jess died and nearly three weeks later they're still gorgeous.

Saturday night

Been super busy and super happy these days, workin hard and having loads of fun. here are some photos from last night, met up with lili and una and corina. They are the pretty ladies.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


I think this is where we first started to lose our brains. Ah but what fun.

Ah Bread Pitt. The centre of our world...

My brother took these

Christmas Eve when I was struck down my mysterious stabbing pain in my left lung.
So no more photos from the festive season til Dan gives me more of his smashing ones.

Ah where to Begin.....

Where it all started I guess....not that I know when that was....

Christmas was lovely.

These were taken at a session in our gaff, after the max tundra gig in Kennedys, my new favourite place, especially the huge puddle you have to jump over to get in. Everyone's friendly not in an -'Oh my god you're my new best friend hug me, do you have gum' way but in the 'hey you're sound, so am I, deadly', kinda way.And the tunes are kickin.
We all came back to sit on the floor, couches and pandas of our gaff, drink beer, spill beer EVERYWHERE, light fires, toast marshmallows, rar rar rar blah blah, I love dogs and sligo and dubstep and niamhs hat and rar rar rar blah blah blah. Savage.